Ashton Small Cigars Cameroon

Mini Cigarillos (camaroon)

Mini Cigarillos - 3.25 x 20

Senorita (camaroon)

Senoritas - 3.5 x 30

Cigarillo (camaroon)

Cigarillos - 3.75 x 26

Half Corona (camaroon)

Half Corona - 4.125 x 37

Ashton Small Cigars Cameroon are crafted from a brilliant recipe of Dominican fillers beneath the classic taste of a Cameroon wrapper. Access creamy and rich flavor and aroma in four perfectly balanced small formats. Notes of nutmeg, cocoa, cedar, and spice reveal a luscious finish when a spontaneous occasion to indulge calls for a short cigar.

Product Details

Strength: Mild-Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon

Tasting Notes

Nutmeg, Cedar, Cocoa, Black Pepper